Jessie Zaylia joined Hanna Brophy in 2010 and is the firm’s Development Partner. She handles high-exposure and catastrophic cases and is responsible for integrating high-quality litigation processes into the firm’s IT system.

Ms. Zaylia earned her Juris Doctor in May 2010 from the University of San Diego.  She also holds degrees in foreign languages, women’s studies, and criminal justice. While in law school, Ms. Zaylia argued before the California Court of Appeal three times (and won), and she also worked for two federal judges.

Ms. Zaylia has published several peer-reviewed scholarly articles and has presented academic research at national and international conferences.  She also gives presentations to defense attorneys and claims examiners in regards to legal updates and trends concerning California workers’ compensation.

community involvement

Jessie is a volunteer with JIOP (the Judicial Intern Opportunity Program) to assist underrepresented law students in placements working with judges around the country.

how am I green?

I drive a hybrid, recycle everything I can, use (and reuse) canvas bags at the grocery store, and have been a vegetarian (now vegan) since 2005.

  • Labor Code section 132a and Serious & Willful Misconduct
  • Workers' Compensation Defense

  • State Bar of California
  • Federal Bar

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