Industrial Disability Retirement (IDR) & Public Employee's Ret. System

Industrial Disability Retirements (IDRs) granted to qualified safety-class members can be very costly to a municipality.  Claims adjusters who handle workers' compensation claims for safety officers need to be intimately familiar with the requirements of an IDR when a safety officer suffers a serious injury that may render him or her unable to return to regular duty.  In such cases, the defense of a workers’ compensation case must be handled with an eye toward the defense of the potential IDR. 

An integrated approach between workers’ compensation and IDR law from the inception of the workers’ compensation case increases the likelihood of victory with respect to the likely application for an IDR.  Claim adjusters should refer these types of workers’ compensation cases to Hanna Brophy attorneys who have expertise in defense of IDRs.  Some municipalities do not defend applications for IDR, but the resistance to granting IDR has a positive deterrent effect on future filings and can result in a substantial cost savings for the municipality.

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